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Jumaat, 11 Februari 2011

Selawat Dan Salam Buat Junjungan Besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

Marhaban Ya Rasulallah

Marhaban Ya Rasulallah.
Welcome, Prophet of Allah.
Welcome, incomparable Sultan of Prophets.
Welcome, Fountain of Mystic Knowledge.
Welcome, Treasury of the Secret Meanings of the Holy Qur’an.
Welcome, Healing Balm for all the world’s afflictions.
Welcome, Nightingale from the Garden of Divine Beauty.
Welcome, Bearer of the universal Forgiveness of Allah.

Welcome, Moon and Sun of Allah’s Mercy.
Welcome, Perfect Focus of the Truth.
Welcome, Shelter for the wandering soul.
Welcome, Unwavering Spirit.
Welcome, ya saqi, Cupbearer of the Wine of Love.
Welcome, sublime Vision of those who truly adore.
Welcome, Prince of Humankind, Beloved of the Creator.
Welcome, Illumination of longing souls.
Welcome, most intimately cherished Friend of Allah.
Welcome, most beloved Soul.
Welcome, Intercessor for the entire universe.

Welcome, O Sultan of Prophets for whom the earth and Paradise were both created. Your face shines with the intensity of noonday sun.
Your powerful right hand lifts up those who have fallen along the way of Truth.
You are the only foundation and solace for the lovers of Reality.
You are the spiritual refuge for all conscious beings.
You are healing for hearts broken by the world.
You are the delicate spiritual joy of the heart that turns away from the world.
O Sultan and Shaykh of all creation.
O President of the Parliament of Prophets and Mystic Guides.
O Clarifying Light for the eyes of human beings, both saints and simple believers.
O Final One to mount the Throne of Prophesy.
O Seal of the Prophets and Distributor of the Light of Prophesy to all hearts.

Your face makes the whole creation shine with greater clarity and brilliance.
Your roselike beauty fills the hearts of lovers with the fragrance of roses.
You overcome the night of spiritual ignorance and error, bringing the vineyard of realization to fruition with the sunlight of the Holy Qur’an.
O beloved one of Allah, please assist us along the mystic way, and permit us to gaze upon your Face of Beauty at the End of Time.

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